Trials of Writing

Anyone who has tried their hand at writing, even casually, knows the triumphs and heartaches of the art. It is a thing of beauty as well as a source of great frustration, but staying the course always ends with victory (even if in the heat of the moment it doesn’t seem that way). It takes a combination of determination, spiritual guidance, belief in yourself, love of the art, love of words, understanding, thick skin and magic intuition to carve out a story worth telling.

There are times when the frustration I feel for not getting the words right becomes so powerful that it consumes my every waking moment. It throws my world off balance until the moment I discover the insight I need to keep moving forward. It’s a painful war but one I battle bravely, because to not to would mean utter failure. I enjoy the challenge as I offer my hand to fellow soldiers in an attempt to compel myself forward into the darkness, and with luck we all will emerge on the other side better than what we had once been.

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