Getting Your Article to Standout

“Write your first draft with your heart. Re-write with your head.” ~ From the movie Finding Forrester
You’ve completed the first draft of your article, pouring it out onto the page with reckless abandon, but now as you polish it up, it’s time to put on your thinking cap to find ways to make it standout and be seen. Here are 5 ways that you can get your article to standout with a pop!
1. It’s All in the Title
The title is the fastest way to grab a reader’s attention. It’s a great way to add a hook and sum up your piece of work all in one. It really is the most important aspect to your article, so don’t skimp on it and give it careful thought.
2. Find a way to present it that is unique
Even if you pick a topic that is mainstream or common, there are ways to make it standout.  Find a unique way to present your information that will catch reader’s attention. You need a distinctive approach. You can do this by starting your article out with a quotation, tell a joke, add a personal story, or create an analogy (draw comparisons between items, example: writing is like playing music). 
3. Add a picture to your article
Humans are visual. We respond best to sight and so if you want to add interest and flavor to your article then add a picture. Give it that extra pop that will make it shout, “Read Me!”
4. Add informative links
Informative links help builds interest and gives the reader an added bonus for reading your material. It also helps to back up your own words in your article, so make sure to choose links that match your topic.
5. Give useful tips and hints
People love getting quick and easy tips to follow, especially if it helps them solve a problem. The best way to get in your readers good graces is to give them something they can use. Let them in on secrets that have worked for you and they will love you for it.
Now try adding one or more of the above tips to make your next article shine as bright as it can. You can opt to use just one tip, or really step it up and use all five! Just ask yourself this question next time you’re wrapping up the article. Have you done everything you can do to give your article the pop it needs to standout? Well, now you can say, “Yes!”

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