5 Writing Blogs to Check Out!

Writing is my passion and something I try to do as much as I can. I like all types of writing and have done everything from fiction to nonfiction. My love of writing doesn’t necessarily make me good at it, however, so I’m continuously seeking ways to be better at what I love. I have found writer’s blogs to be a wonderful source to do just that. Below you will find the top 5 blogs that I read on a regular basis. I have found each inspirational and a great help to expanding my knowledge as a writer.

1. A Time to Write

Are you stuck on a story and can’t figure out how to get it out exactly the way you want? Check out this blog to find the inspiration to write! Jurgen Wolff’s blog will fascinate and give you idea after idea of what you can do to get your story out of your head and onto the page. He wrote a wonderful blog on What Keeps Unpublished Writers Writing.

2. A Writer’s Journey

Are you looking for a nexus of information on writing? This blogger has a wide range of information and is always suggesting other writing sites, blogs or other information that that will move your writing forward. She also delves into the topic of critiques with the The Importance of Feedback .

3. The Blood Red Pencil

This blog is a collaboration of writers 14 writers on one site and is a wealth of information about what it is to be a writer and how to be better at the craft. The blog delves into the deep questions like Dealing with the Fear of Feedback and Criticism.

4. Blue Pencil Editing

Do you have questions about grammar and punctuation? Look no further than here. This blog is a gold mine of information on editing your work so it can be published. Have you found yourself using the words effect and affect inappropriately. Check out The Big Offenders, Part III: Affect vs. Effect to find the cure.

5. Questions and Quandaries

Do you have questions about publishing your work? This blog has a wide variety of information on professional publishing, self publishing, blogging and much more! Have you ever wondered about using online images on your blog? Check out Are Online Images Fair Game to Use on Your Blog to find out the answer.

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