NaNoWriMo Alternative Challenge Fumble

It’s November 1st are you ready to write? Apparently, I’m not. My big kick off has yielded a big fat ZERO. I sat down this morning to start writing on a story that I set aside the beginning of the Summer and realized why I set it aside in the first place. It has great characters, inner conflicts, but the setting is off and I can’t seem to nail it down. So what does that mean for my story Fahrenheit, and the November challenge? Well, it has taught me I shouldn’t wait to the day of a challenge to tackle a shelved story. I should have dusted it off last week or even a few days ago.

Even though I screwed up, I’m not giving up on the story or the challenge. I plan on going forward, I just may start the first day of the challenge in the hole. The point, as in any challenge, is to learn and see areas that should be improved. I’m already ahead of the game because I know one thing that needs improvement; being too optimistic about shelved stories.

The day is still young and I may yet whip something out, but after banging my head against the wall for 2 hours, I’m calling a break to work on other writing related things. Who knows something might come to me later, or maybe after lunch I’ll go for a walk. Walks always helps me put things into perspective.

Good luck to to the rest of you in your challenge, whatever that might be. I hope you get lots accomplished. I will too, that I have no doubt, but before I can move forward it looks like I need to take a step or two back. I’ll post again when I’ve found my feet! As a friend recently quoted to me… “Your greatest success comes from the ashes of your greatest failures.” -Napoleon Hill

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