NaNoWriMo Alternative Challenge: A Month in Reflection

Today marks the last day of November and the last day of my NaNoWriMo alternative challenge. My original goal was to complete 15,000 words on a work in progress novella called Fahrenheit, as well as to keep up with my two blogs and other writing. I also had a side challenge to write everyday and read everyday, something I had not been doing like I should the last several months. Did I reach my goals? Did I reach my goal of 15,000 words. Yes and No.

I say yes and no, because no I did not complete my 15,000 word count on the novella, but between writing on my blogs, other works and journaling I exceeded my word count to nearly 20,000 words in total, of which 5,895 words were on Fahrenheit. So though I did not do as much on my novella as I had liked, I did succeed in some manner. The  most important thing I accomplish was writing and reading every day, which has made a big difference in my mindset of writing.

What do I mean by this? I have found my mind more open to ideas. The act of writing has become easier and I have become more aware of the world around me. In fact, this process has led me to a reflection of sorts and I have become more diligent of areas that need extra help and concentration. What had started as a challenge has become much more and I feel myself ripe with change.

I am reminded once again of the importance of challenging oneself and the unexpected benefits that occur. Though, the challenge may not have yielded the fruit I expected, I ended up with a better outcome than expected. I can ‘t wait to my next challenge and the surprises that it will hold. Until then I will keep up with the routine I have now and see where it leads me going into a new year.

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