Unofficial NaNoWriMo

It’s November and you know what that means… NaNoWriMo. Oh yeah!!! I am sending happy thoughts to all you wonderful souls out there gearing up for this great challenge. I too plan on participating, but unofficially. I don’t have a new novel to work on, so have opted to work on the one I’ve been writing for the past six months (Blood Feud), so that means I won’t be able to do the real deal. That’s not stopping me from setting my own goals!

My goals for the month of November…

  • Finish editing Part 2 in my novel (chapters 18-26)
  • Write the rough draft of Part 3 (chapters 27-40)
  • Do a first draft of my new short story Abyss

I know an ambious list, but I am confident I can do it! What about you? What will you be doing in the month of November? Will you be joing the ranks of anxious writers participating in NaNoWriMo, or will you join me and create your own NaNoWriMo challange?

If you do decide to plan your own Unoffical NaNoWriMo challenge, please feel free to join me on my Facebook page group the Unoffical NaNoWriMo for support and/or bragging!

Good luck to you all!

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