New Writing Group: Writers 2 Writers

I created a Facebook page called Unofficial NaNoWriMo in November to help out other writers who were participating in NaNoWriMo contest either officially or unofficially. I found that the support system was a lot of fun and beneficial to all who participated. I wanted to carry that support past November and decided to created a new Facebook page for that purpose.

It’s called Writers 2 Writers, and it’s all about being a tool for writers to use as a place to recieve encouragment, chat about writing projects or anthing having to do with writing, boast on accomplishments, or simply join to help others become inspired. It’s a place to scream for help when motivation is lacking. Show off your work. A place to ask specific questions about grammar, spelling, style, or anything else that may pop up in your writing. But mostly it’s about being able to communicate with like minded indviuals who all have the same goal- to write.

There are no requirements to join except one- being a writer. All levels of writers are welcomed. If you write, you can take part. Just follow this link and join us as we create a group by writers for writers to help unstuck creativity and keep procrastination at bay!

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