Setting Goals and Keeping Busy

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted that’s mostly due to the fact I have been spending all of my time on different writing projects these last few months. In fact, I’ve barely had a chance to catch my breath. This all has transpired, because I’m trying to set realistic goals for myself and reach them.

My goals for March were…

  • Start and finish 2 new short stories
  • Complete the 2nd draft for Part 1 of Blood Feud (prologue- chapter 12)

Which I managed to do. Yay! For me!

My goals for April

  • Start a new short story for June Anthology
  • Complete the 2nd draft for Part 2 of Blood Feud (chapters 13- 29)

So far it’s looking promising. First draft of short story (Ulave) is complete, and I’m currently on chapter 18 on my novel. The rest of the chapters should go much faster since I’ve already added all the new scenes.

My goals for May

  • Complete short story for June Anthology (Ulave)
  • Start and finish short story for a Creature Feature Anthology
  • Complete the 3rd draft of Part 3 of Blood Feud (chapters 30-48)

Tough but doable goals if I stick at it and write everyday. I really enjoy setting these goals and feel a great sense of accomplishment when I reach them, but if I don’t reach them I still feel fulfilled because I made the effort. So what are your goals for April and May?