Writing Exercise Blog Posts and Other Helpful Links

There has been a lot of interest in writing exercises from my blog readers, so I decided to go through my blog archives and create links to all the posts I’ve done on writing exercises, writing prompts, and writing inspiration. Also check back on August 19th. I have a brand new writing exercise post scheduled called Writing Exercise: Blue Moon.

Writing Prompt Posts

The Benefits of Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Ordinary Object POV

Writing Prompt: What If

Writing Prompt: Beach Photo

Writing Prompt: A Bony Halloween

Writing Prompt: Are You a Good Liar?

Writing Prompt: A Doggone Good Book

Writing Exercise: A Peacock’s Friend


Books on Writing Exercises and How to Write

Book Spotlight: The Write Brain Workbook

Book Spotlight: How to Be a Writer


Writing Inspiration Posts

Want to Be More Creative? Bring Out the Inner Child

The Amazing Benefits of Freewriting

More on Focused Freewriting

The Missing Muse Part 1: Where Did the Magic Go?

The Missing Muse Part 2: Rediscovering the Magic

Ways to get the Mind Thinking


Also here are some great websites to check out for some writing prompts to get those creative juices flowing!

Writers Digest Writing Prompts

Poet and Writers Writing Exercises

Writing Prompt Generator

Writing Prompt Ap for Smartphones

Picture Writing Prompts

What If? Writing Exercise For Fiction Writers (this is a book, which I own and I highly recommend)


Enjoy! And make sure to come back next Monday for the release of Writing Exercise: Blue Moon!


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