Paying It Forward

I ran across this post and just couldn’t help but share. This is one of the things I love doing as a writer, helping other writers. I find it’s a win-win situation that helps both parties. It’s a great way to make good writing friends and contacts, as well as help with own writing. I also find it a boon for motivating myself to write. Many days, it’s seeing the progress of my fellow writers that gives me the kick in the pants to keep on writing, even when I feel my writing is getting nowhere.

Jill Marcotte

I am sick as a sewer rat so this week’s update is going to be brief.

I’ve touched on this topic in previous posts, such as The Importance of Being Beta and Where Is The Love?, but I’ll say it again. It really behooves you to participate in the writing community. Writers have a great sense of paying it forward. Every famous writer ever started out as a wanna-be author. Very few of them had an easy time of it, or a straight shot. (Rest in peace, Tom Clancy.)

For most of us, we need friends. Not necessarily friends in the business, although I’m sure that would help. Usually, our writing friends will be just like us: loquacious dreamers still scratching away on that first bestseller hopeful, cautiously internet stalking agents who will probably tell us no anyway.

But these people are GOLD. They may not technically be professionals…

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