A Free Holiday Gift For Writers

Need a gift idea for a writing friend, or perhaps you want to treat yourself to something special? I’m getting myself in the holiday spirit (and I want to continue to do my part in Paying it Forward) by donating my time to hard working writers everywhere. For the months of December and January, I will be offering 4,000 words worth of story consultation and/or editing for free. It doesn’t matter if you are already a current client of mine, or someone who wants to try me out for the first time. Just fill out the form below to ask for your 4,000 words for free, or send me the name and email address of the person (in the ‘This is a gift for…” box) you want to gift the 4,000 words to.

What if you want to do a gift for a writer friend and for yourself? That can be done too. I have a referral program program that is usually 3,000 free words, but for December and January, I’ll be doing 4,000 words. So give 4,000 words to a friend and get 4,000 words looked at for you!

Want to know more about my Story Consultation and Editing program and what I can do for you? Check it out here.

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