The Benefit of Being a Writer

We choose to become writers for many reasons. We do it just because we can (or want to), we do it because we love stories, we do it because we have a need to release the emotions inside, we do it to let the voices whispering to us out, and we do it as a challenge to see if it can be done. Those are just a few reasons. And some of us start writing for more than just one reason. But mostly I think we write because we are seeking answers to the complex world that we live.

Let’s face it, life sucks. Some days suck more than others, and sometimes whole years don’t need to be talked about at all. Many people fall back on things to help get them through those hard times. Things like alcohol, drugs, other people (usually the wrong people), copious amounts of time dedicated to escapisms like television, books, gaming, ect. and god knows what else. But as writers we are lucky, because writers have an outlet to work out some of those hard times.

Having a hard time at work with the boss? That’s alright. Make him the antagonist in a story and kill him off with lots of blood and gore. Bet that feels better, doesn’t? Having money troubles. That’s alright. Make a protagonist a wealthy billionaire with lots of toys and cool gadgets. It may not solve the immediate problem, but dreaming can be a lot of fun and can be almost as good as the real thing. Having issues with a best friend and not sure how to solve the problem? That’s alright. Make the “issue” have a starring role in a story and use the world of fiction to find a path to the solution. I’ve done this before and the solutions I’ve gotten often surprises me.

The point is that writing is not just what we originally set out for it to be. Writing is a tool that can be used to enrich our lives in ways we probably didn’t think possible. It can be used to balance an otherwise topsy turvy world. Writing helps unmask at least some of the mysteries of life, and if nothing else it at least gives a voice to all the things that frustrate and anger us.

Characters are born from those we see and interact with on a daily basis. Stories are formed from the things that influence us. And the inspiration to write usually comes from storm that rages around us. Our lives are a story just waiting to be told. And as in stories, life is full of conflict and strife. In fact, stories aren’t much good without them. Our lives wouldn’t be very interesting if we did not have a story to tell. But instead of letting our conflict overwhelms us, and letting the mysteries of life go undiscovered, let us take advantage of our chosen artistic outlet. Let’s be writers and reap the benefit of our chaotic lives.

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