Context Again! A Writing Convention to Remember

Count it… one, two, there, four times I’ve been to the awesome horror, science fiction, and fantasy convention Context 27, and each time it just gets better and better. This year I only got in two workshops, but I did sit on four different panels. I also hung out with some awesome people I’ve met at the convention in the past and even made a few new friends. The best part of the whole weekend was the satisfied (and hungover feeling) as I went home Sunday, knowing I’d had fun with friends and learned a thing or two I didn’t already know about writing.

My favorite workshop was by Jonathan Maberry and it was called How to Write a Kick-Ass Fight Scene. I loved the workshop mostly because it was exactly what I needed. Why? Well, that happens to be one area in my writing I totally suck ass at. But with a little help from one of the greatest horror writers of today, I might actually kick-ass for once. At least I don’t feel quite so lost when I think of writing a fight scene, and feel pretty good at trying to use his guidelines. Can’t wait to try!

The second workshop I took was by another fabulous author Gary Braunbeck and it was all about How to Write a Cover Letter and Synopsis. Yeah, I suck ass at that too. Thank you Gary, because now I feel slightly more intelligent and might even be able to impress publishers with my totally awesomeness.

And then I sat on panels about writers groups, slush pile readers, writers block, and getting a job in small publishing. All of them awesome and all of them teaching me something new about writing and the world of publishing. Granted, a lot I already knew, but it’s amazing the small nuggets that get pulled out from even the most well-I-already-know-all-about-that subject.

Then there were the long meals and standing out in the hall chatting with people, not just any people, but people who appreciated writing and the world of writing as much as myself. Being a stay at home mom/freelancer/wife/sister/daughter-in-law/everything-else-that-has-nothing-to-do-with-writing-at-all it was refreshing to be around like mined individuals, even if we didn’t talk about writing at all.

And the Saturday night parties are always something to look forward to. The mystery punch that has a nice kick, the snack food that tastes so good but oh so bad for the body, the loud music that makes everyone stand in tight huddles talking about nothing at all, and all the silliness that comes with way too much alcohol consumption. Yes, thank you Apex for making it a night to remember, or not remember, or maybe half remember. lol…

Sunday is always a crap-its-Sunday day. I squeeze in my last two panels glad I was even able to get even a few hours of restless sleep the night before- or more correctly early that morning. After lunch hesitant goodbyes are said, and then the monstrous drive back home commences. And the only real thought rolling through my still alcohol-numb brain is…. I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Note: Look for me to do posts based off my notes from workshops and panels in the coming weeks.


7 thoughts on “Context Again! A Writing Convention to Remember

  1. This was my first year attending Context and I already can’t wait till next year! I enjoyed Jonathan Maberry’s workshop on Writing for YA. He’s so awesome! Are you planning to return next year?

    1. Awesome. Glad you liked Context and the workshop. And Jonathan Maberry totally rocks. This is the second workshop I’ve taken by him. He not only knows what he’s talking about but is a very lively presenter.
      Yeah, I really, really hope to be there next year. I love the convention. And it seems like it gets better every time I go. Too bad I didn’t get to meet you, but his class was freaking full. I don’t think there was a single seat left open!

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