Upcoming Book Review Posts

So I challenged myself to start doing two blog posts a week. I think I might be a little crazy and I’m sure I will have times where I will regret my decision, but I also feel the necessity of pushing myself just a little bit more. And I can do that with my idea for the second blog post and that’s writing book reviews.

The past few months I have read a heaping pile of books. In fact, I amaze myself every time I think of how many I’ve read. And I actually liked most of them, which was an even bigger surprise. Now I feel the need to write reviews for all or most of them, and if I’m going to do that then why not post them on my blog and share.

Who knows maybe it will spur someone to want to read one of the books I read. If nothing else it’s good writing practice and fun too, because who doesn’t love spreading their opinion all over the place. lol…

Starting this Friday, expect a review of the upcoming book (yes, this book isn’t even out yet! I’ve got friends in high places. lol…) The Lost Level by Brian Keene. Other books I’ll be reviewing will be Severance by Chris Bucholz, A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore, Watership Down by Richard Adams, and much more.

Right now I have enough books to review to fill about three months, so I am hoping to put out a review every week (that’s the plan), but time may not always allow me to do so. However, I will make my best effort and we shall see how much I really do.

Ready. Set. Here we go!

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