Book Review: The Deaths of Tao by Wesley Chu


4 out of 5 stars

The Deaths of Tao by Wesley Chu

Available on Kindle and in Paperback

deaths-of-taoI sooooo wanted to give this book five stars, but the slow middle of the book just wouldn’t allow me to do it. Don’t get me wrong, this book is freaking awesome! The author had me from page one as we see Roen and Jill three years after The Lives of Tao and things are completely different. In fact, I’m quite shocked at how different things are and I just wanted to read to figure out how things got so messed up in the three years since we saw Roen, Tao, and Jill.

The incredible character arcs are heart tugging as a clearer picture unfolds of the missing three years as the story progresses. The Prophus may have won the battle, but the Gengix are determined to win the war and Earth to boot. Things get dark and deep fast as the Gengix’s plan unfolds. Roen and Tao make huge sacrifices in an attempt to stop the catastrophic plan.

The story is fast pace until about the middle of the book where political intrigue and a cat and mouse spy game kind of slows things down a little, but it’s worth bulling through because the ending is high octane and unexpected.

While, The Deaths of Tao isn’t quite as humorous as it’s predecessor, still expect to have some good laughs. And hang on to the edge of your seat, because the ride will be bumpy with some seriously action packed scenes!

Note: The Deaths of Tao is the second of the series. The Lives of Tao is book one and the third book The Rebirth of Tao will be out in April of this year. You can read more about Wesley Chu here.