A Writer’s Worst Enemy

I’ll give you two guesses to see if you know the answer to this question… what is a writer’s worst enemy?


Well, I suppose it could be all sorts of things like not having enough time to write, a writing muse who decides to take an extended vacation, or here’s a goodie… the computer is broken and every pencil, pen, and blank piece of paper has mysteriously disappeared. Lol… okay so maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch (or maybe not — but I’m pleading the fifth on that one).

But no, it’s none of those things.

Nor is it the seven year-old who’s always asking to play Candyland or wants you to be the bad guy while the super-hero seven year-old swishes in to save the day, or the spouse sending constant not-so-subtle texts they want a few moments of your time to play footsie under the covers.

And it’s not the stack of bills needing to be paid, doctor appointments to be setup and attended, emails needing to be answered or sent, or even keeping up with exercising, weekly shopping, laundry, making meals, and god knows what else you have to do throughout the week and any given day.

Nope. None of that.

A writer’s worse enemy is… his or herself.

Yep. It’s true.

I don’t know about you… but I like being busy, because being busy means I don’t have to think about the things that I’m not doing. Or maybe I am thinking about the things I’m not doing and using it as an excuse to not do write, because I “need” to be doing those other things instead.

Am I making any sense? Do see where I’m going with this? I bet you do.

Writing is hard.

It’s awful, terrible hard.

It’s oh-my-god-I-can’t-do-this hard (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you really aren’t a writer — sorry to break the news to you like that, but it’s true).

If you really are a writer, and you really are serious about your work, then there will be some days, weeks, months, and even whole years where just thinking about writing makes you cringe, because you know there’s some serious work to be done, and some serious emotions to be tapped into, and some serious plotting to be completed.

But who wants to work, when it’s sooooo much easier to be busy with life and profess there is no time to write. Because saying there isn’t time to write is easier than actually writing.

So next time you (and I — I’m talking about myself here more than you, I promise) get the urge to find time not to write just say… I’m done being my own worst enemy, and today I will write (even if it’s just 15 minutes a day!), and the hell with everything else.


2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Worst Enemy

  1. I understand this.
    When it comes to writing, I have always thought that my worst enemy is myself. On some days, the idea of looking at a blank screen or page is daunting to the point that I try to focus my mind elsewhere. But, in the end, once I start to write, all the initial apprehension melts away.
    It is wonderful.

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