The End is Here

The EndThe end. The most two satisfying words a writer can ever write. The end. Two words standing alone that means more than all other words put together. And as those two words are written and then stared at in shocked disbelief, a rush of emotions hit in one great punch. Ecstatic happy dancing commences… Swirling ribbons of sadness twist in the stomach at the realization that a great journey is finally over… But mostly a profound relief settles and solidifies as the truth finally hits home… after countless days of hard work, overcoming large bouts of self-doubt and writer’s block, constant rewrites and edits, and grueling self imposed hours The End finally came.

Yeah, that was me three weeks ago as I finished my novel Blood Feud.

Granted, I’m not completely done. I sent the last draft out to pre-readers to get some feedback. Once I hear back, I may make a few changes here or there, but for the most part it’s done. And even though I say that and have had three weeks to bask in my novels completion, I’m still somewhat in disbelief. I’ll be honest there were many days, weeks, and months when I never thought the novel would ever be completed despite my always optomistic behavior of “I will get to the end no matter what!”

So I guess there’s something that has to be said for optimism. It really works. lol…

One person asked me if I was sad or depressed now that I finished my novel. He wondered if maybe I was upset that I was finally done with such a major project that took over a large part of my life. I said no, but I think that’s only because Blood Feud is but one small part of a larger project.

In the fall, I start book 2 of the Emperors of Ethia series and I already have a name (and a loose first draft done) for the book… Dark Territories.

And I’m dying to start working on it, but I can’t. Mostly because I just don’t have the time (being a stay at home mom does have it’s disadvantages during the summer), and I do feel like I need a little down time before taking on another major project.

And yet I’m just itching to do it all again.

I know, I love to torment myself mercilessly.

And I know there are lots of others who feel the same way about writing as I do. For those who already have finished their first or fifth or twentieth novel, you already know all about reaching The End and I hope this is a pleasant reminder. And here’s a great big CONGRATULATIONS for you!

For all those out there who are still in the process of getting to The End of your first novel… keep going! No matter how hard it is. No matter how much you want to give up. Don’t. Just write. Write when you hate it. Write when you love it. And write when it’s somewhere in between. Just write and tell yourself… “I will get to the end no matter what!”

Keep going until you get to those two glorious and wonderful words…

The End.

4 thoughts on “The End is Here

  1. CONGRATS!!! Great accomplishment! I love how you are already psyched about your next one—but, heck, you’ve already got the ball rolling on it too!

    I gravitate towards existentialism. Hey, maybe you should toss in a quick philosophy novel….here are your own words from above (taken out of context of course):

    “The end. Two words standing alone that means more than all other words put together. And as those two words are written and then stared at in shocked disbelief, a rush of emotions hit in one great punch. The End finally came.”

    An existentialist could not have said it better—course, your next “three weeks” paragraph would never exist….Dawn

    1. Thanks… philosophy, an interesting thought. I love the concept of philosophy, though not sure I am brave enough to tackle that subject. But I admire those who do. Though sometimes I do catch glimpses of philosophical thought and use them, as a writer who loves discovering new thoughts and ideas, it’s really hard not to do. An being existential is an interesting idea, in fact in some ways I think I am that as well to a point. Old habits die hard I suppose. 🙂

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