Am I Good Enough?

A question we have all asked ourselves at one time or another. Some may ask it still. I know I’ve asked it of myself more times than I can count. I have asked it in all parts of my life, but the biggest has always been… Am I good enough to be a writer?

It’s easy to say “yes I am”, but it’s harder to actually believe it. Like deep down believe it. In your gut believe it. That’s a whole lot harder to do, because saying it isn’t the same thing as believing it. Trust me, I know. You probably know it too.

But wait! It counts if someone else says it, right?

You are good enough!

You are great!

You are amazing!

You are rocking it, so keep on going!

Once upon a time, I lived for these type of statements from my friends or other people I knew. I needed to hear these things and hear them often to feel I was worth anything. Yes, I had some serious self-esteem issues. The worst of all was whether or not I was a decent writer. That particular idea plagued me in terrible ways not so long ago.

That’s when I decided to stop sharing my work as much. To write more for me. To write more and talk less. To keep my writing to myself. At least for a time. Enough time for me to peak my head out of my writing and realize at some point I had transformed and didn’t need those polite affirmations from others.

Now when I hear compliments about my writing (or anything really) I smile. I nod. I move on, and those comments shed off me like water. And so do the negative comments. I don’t need positive comments like I used to. Comments that once caused me to soar high. I also don’t react to the negative comments either. Comments that once upon a time could send me spiraling down into very low places. It’s all just talk. I know me. I know my worth. I know I’m good.

Don’t get me wrong. The things people say do matter. It’s always nice to hear the good things and not so nice to hear the bad things. We are human after all. The difference is that I don’t live for those comments. I don’t let those comments define who I am. They are words spoken by people who may or may not know what they are talking about. Who may or may not have an agenda all their own.

Also a distinction must be made when it concerns comments (whether good or bad) made from someone who knows more about a subject than we do. This may be something worth taking seriously if we are striving to become better in that area. But that should be our choice to accept or discharge as we see fit. We should not feel obligated to take all advice. Some of that advice may not apply or some people simply give bad advice.

And as far as advice goes… I have found that it is our intent and the things we strive for that make all the difference. These are the things I strive for… I strive to learn anything and everything I can. I strive to be as open-minded as possible without being naive or being manipulated into others dangerous plots. I strive to see the beauty in all things. I strive to appreciate the little moments and the now. I strive to spend time doing the things I love. I strive to love more and hate less. I strive to do the best I can in all things.

So when I ask myself this question… “Am I good enough?”

My answer is… “Absolutely. I am good enough. I am exactly where I need to be in this time, in this moment.”

Am I great at what I do? Ha! Well, there are very few people who actually achieve true greatness (and if you want to be one of those people then good luck with that). Personally, I think greatness is overrated, and that maybe the great ones might think that too. I think many people do strive to be great, but maybe just being our best is good enough. And maybe our best one day will be less or more from our best on a different day.

Well then, what about you? Are you good enough?

I could pat you on the back. I could say “yes you are” (and I am sure this is true). I could say “you are amazing and keep up the great work”. But would that convince you? Would you believe it deep down if I said it? What if your best friend said it? Does that make it more true, and more believable?

In truth, it doesn’t matter what other people say, or even think (even if it’s our best friend). What matters is what we say and think about ourselves.

So if you think you’re good enough, then guess what???

You are.




2 thoughts on “Am I Good Enough?

  1. I just don’t know what to think when family and friends say things like , ” You should write about that trip we took in 2014″ or the friends that say ” So and so who works in Endo has a great life story you should write.” I scrunch up my face and think, uh, do they think I just like moving a pen, tapping the keyboard? It’s crazy.

    1. OMG! Yes, it’s so irritating. My father-in-law had this big idea of me writing for people who were less fortunate and needed encouragement, and a friend thinks I should write children’s book. I have never tried my hand at either of those writing topics, so it baffles me as to why they think I would like it or be any good at it. People who don’t write just don’t get that you can’t write about the things you aren’t passionate about. Well, you could, but then what fun would that be?

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