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Blood Feud Cover Reveal!

I’ve been talking about it for awhile off and on, and the day finally arrived when my awesome newly published book showed up on my doorstep. Imagine my excitement as I opened up the box and held my very first published book in my hands! Then I immediately imagined doing the same with all the other books to come (I’m working on two books right now in fact). Finally after years of hard work, I have something very physical to hold in my hands!

I knew this day would be coming. So over the past few months, I made many book release plans and even came up with some release dates, but in the publishing world release dates can be a tricky thing. Ultimately, I opted for short, sweet, and simple by doing a cover reveal post and another post when the book is up on Amazon. Another reason for this simplicity is I have been and still am heavily preoccupied by our family’s upcoming move to Florida.

In fact, I still can’t give a exact release date so people can start buying the book because I am going to Florida very early this coming Tuesday and will be in Florida for ten days looking for our new home! I am in the process of working with Create Space to get it up and available on Amazon, but I’m not sure if it will be done before I go. I’m not taking my laptop on this Florida trip because it’s supposed to be a little bit of a getaway for me too (hitting two birds with one stone, three if you count spending time with my husband who’s already been in Florida the last six weeks working his new job).

If I can get the book up on Amazon before I go, I’ll do that, or maybe if I’m not too distracted by the Florida sun and all the houses and apartments I’ll be checking out, I’ll try and hop on my husband’s computer while I am gone and see what I can do. Regardless, expect Blood Feud to be “officially” released by the middle of May at the latest!

I do want to take this time to give a gigantic thank you to Michael Knost at My Book Press who did such an incredible job on the cover! I designed the family crest that is the center of the cover, but he and his team made it stand out with beautiful texture and then complemented the crest with the amazing background and text to make such a beautiful end product. Thank you so much!

Stay tuned for more information on the VERY soon release so you too can hold this awesome book in your hands!

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