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A Writer’s Wings Book Release!

A Writer’s Wings is finally published! This book took awhile for me to put together and edit. Even though I mostly copied entires over from a journal I kept for years, the formatting and editing process took a long time to complete as I had a lot of upheaval in my life while attempting to finish this project. So I am glad and proud that this particular journey is over and I can release it into the world.

While I understand that this kind of book may not appeal to some people, I found it important to put down my story to show as an example of how incredibly important journaling can be to move a person forward in their personal growth. People ask me all the time about journaling and how to do it. Well, this book is the best example I can give.

If you’ve been wanting to journal and didn’t know how to start, then read this book. If you are journaling and want a reminder of why to keep journaling, then read this book. If you are simply curious about me and my life, then read this book.

Here’s the book blurb…

Journaling has been a tremendous help to me as I have navigated through some very rough patches in life. It has even allowed me to reach a place where I now feel compelled to share my journey, to speak my truth. In doing this perhaps others too will be inspired to speak their truth, because I believe that this is all our life’s purpose–to find our unique way to speak up, speak out, and speak the deepest truth that resides inside. This book is just the beginning of my journey and truth, but I welcome you to come discover what gave me the wings to finally fly.

You can purchase a paperback on Amazon.


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