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Speak Your Truth: How to Make a Difference in Small Ways

There is often a misconception that in order to create positive change it must be in big and flashy ways. This is, of course, great and wonderful, but maybe some of us don’t have the energy, know-how, or realistic aspirations to make a unique and big contribution. Or perhaps, there are some who are just overwhelmed with trying to find a way to make a big splash to effect real positive change in the world. But really, some of the best and lasting changes come in much smaller ways.

For every major positive difference that we witness someone else doing to help other people or the world in general, there are hundreds, thousands, probably millions of other people doing something smaller to effect change too. If you add that up, it’s a lot of wonderful change happening all over the world.

We sometimes might be deluded into thinking that what we do or don’t do doesn’t really matter. Does it really matter if we smile to the stranger as we walk past them? Does it really matter if we let that person cut in front of us in line without cussing them out? Yes, it does.

It doesn’t take much. But if we can approach ourselves and each person we meet with a smile and compassion, then we are effecting positive change in the world. And every little bit counts. Because maybe one act of kindness a day may not seem like a lot, but if every single person were to do one thing a day that adds up fast.

What kinds of positivity and kindness can we spread?

  • Give a stranger a smile
  • Open the door for someone
  • Let someone with fewer groceries go in front of you in the grocery line
  • Tell someone they look nice
  • Tell yourself you look nice
  • Wave to the neighbor across the street
  • Or get creative and find your own unique way to spread the kindness!

It really doesn’t take much. Just a small effort here and there, but those efforts do add up for each of us and everyone we come in contact with.

The big and grand efforts are great, wonderful, and very much needed too, but so are the small day to day acts of positivity and kindness. When each of us make an effort to act from the heart instead of a place of anger, frustration, or distrust, we do change the world. The world inside us and the world outside of us.

Every single day we are presented with opportunities to make some small gesture that we care. We can make it a habit to seek those opportunities out and make a difference, especially in situations that might seem challenging and frustrating. There’s no better way to diffuse a high emotional situation than with a little compassion and heart.

So what sort small difference will you make today?

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