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5 Steps to Taking Back Your Power

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Many of us give our power away on a daily basis, and we don’t even realize it. It’s an automatic reflex that chips away at the power we each hold inside of us. After a while, we can feel completely powerless because we’ve allowed so much to be leeched away.

Did you know that you can take that power back? You can feel more energized and happy. You can feel lighthearted and peaceful.

The first step to feeling more powerful of yourself and your life is to recognize who or what you are giving your power to. Anything that steals your time and energy is considered a power stealer.

What’s stealing your power?

  • People (family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances)
  • Things (books, tv, phone, computer, ect.)
  • Situations (this can be anything that makes you feel drained and empty)
  • Yourself (Your thought patterns and negative emotions)

Notice I put yourself on the list. It actually should be number one, because I believe that is the biggest power stealer of all. How many times have you caught yourself in a downward spiral of negative emotions? Or have you caught yourself giving yourself a bunch of negative self-talk? Be honest. It happens a lot, doesn’t it?

That’s okay, because being aware of bad habits is a good first step to releasing the power stealers so you can move forward in a more confident way.

Step 1: Make a List

So first things first, make a list of all your power stealers (including yourself), and just allow yourself to be an observer of your own life. Don’t judge. Don’t beat yourself up for falling down and letting the power stealer(s) suck you dry. Tomorrow is always a brand new day. A fresh start to try again.

Step 2: Be Patient

That leads me to the second step. Be patient with yourself. Don’t expect to be perfect or to sweep your whole life clean of power stealers overnight (or even in a week or two). It takes dedicated time and effort. Slowly, you will notice a change as you have more energy and creativity in which to do things.

Step 3: Find Balance

The next step is to find balance. What can you do to keep yourself centered and focused on what’s important in your life? Maybe even set up a daily routine that helps you shine. Try doing one or more of the following…

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • tai chi (and/or qi gong)
  • journaling
  • walking
  • spend time in nature
  • spend time in silence

Step 4: Keep Going No Matter What

The next step is to be willing to stay determined to keep going no matter how many times you get knocked down. This is a list of what to do when you get knocked down…

  • Get back up and try again
  • Get back up and try again
  • Get back up and try again
  • Get back up and try again

See the pattern? Each time you get back up, your power grows. It becomes more than it was before. This increase of power only makes you more determined to keep it, because you start realizing how awesome you really are. You can feel the shine of your life, and it feels fantastic!

But things can get dark again when you realize just how much work needs to be done to maintain and keep your power. It really starts to set in that there’s an endless list of power stealers invading your life.

Also, you realize too how difficult it is to not react to certain situations, people, or even yourself. And that’s the number one thing you can’t do. Is react. That’s what the power stealers love. Your reaction.

So how do you not react? Especially when things seem so dire? Especially when that person is in your face right this minute making demands?

Take a deep breath and refocus on what’s important. Maybe you’ll have to take a hit or two (figuratively speaking), but that’s better than letting that power stealer send you into a tailspin. How many tailspins does it take to make you say enough?

Step 5: Be More Focused

This step takes a lot of practice and time. The more you consciously refocus, the easier it will get. The goal is to take your attention away from what’s bothering you or making you feel bad, and giving it to something you want to grow and expand. So what is it that you want to make bigger in your life. Maybe it’s one of these things…

  • Family time
  • Quality you time
  • a hobby you love doing
  • a job you love doing
  • something you find fun and fulfilling

What’s the pattern of this list? It’s all about you and what’s important to you. These are the things worth your time and deserve your power.

You matter. Your life is important. Your time and energy is important. Do yourself a favor and take back your power, so you can shine bright and be fantastically awesome!

Here’s an affirmation to help you get started. Feel free to use as needed.

I am powerful.

I love feeling powerful.

I no longer give my attention to the power stealers in my life, not even myself.

I focus on what I love to do and how I love to feel, and let everything else go.

I am powerful.

I love feeling powerful.

I give myself permission to feel powerful.

I love being my best and most wonderful self.

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