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Writing Prompts: Daily Writing Prompt App

Recently, I decided to start doing daily writing prompts to get my creativity moving a little more fluidly. I have two apps I’ve been using specifically for this. Both have been useful in their own way, but today I want to talk about the Daily Writing Prompt App.

I have been using this for the last week, and I’ve really been enjoying it. This app has a new writing prompt every 24 hours. Sometimes it will have pictures, a list of words, or an idea as a prompt. It’s always fun to see what they have, and within a few moments it sparks an idea, and I’m writing!

I really look forward to doing these prompts each day, because I’m usually pleasantly surprised with what I come up with. And it’s just a great way to have fun writing. I sometimes get a little too “serious” with my writing. I put so many obligations on myself that it’s fun to make a connection with a carefree approach.

This app is available for iphones. You can do a search for writing prompts, and it will come up. This is a free app. It doesn’t have the best reviews, but that’s because many people would like to go back and edit (which it doesn’t have an option for). I personally don’t mind. I believe these quick prompts are for spurring creativity, not perfecting editing skills. In fact, I like the idea of not being able to edit. It leaves me free to create, and that’s it.

Want to give one of the writing prompts a try? This is the first prompt I did. I only spent about 20 minutes on this so ignore any “issues” it might have. Anyways, this prompt was submitted by Libby Anderson (which––by the way–– you can also submit your own writing prompts too). Here it goes…

You are given the chance to talk to an omniscient figure: God, the devil, Death, and all-knowing A.I. Write a 500 word short story based on the conversation.

Ready. Set. Go. And write!

Once you are done with your short story, feel free to see what I came up with below. I would also love to see your results! Please feel free to post your short story in the comment section to share.

The Next Adventure

I lay in a puddle of my own blood and looked into the eyes of an old woman. Her eyes were blue and piercing, and I knew her as Death. She had come to claim me.

She beckoned with her wrinkled old hands as a slight smile played on her lips. I could not refuse if I wanted. Something beyond me was causing me to rise up and follow her.

As I stood up, I looked down at my body still laying in the street. I didn’t want to leave me. I wanted to stay.

“You cannot. It is your time.” Death’s voice said as if she could read my mind.

I turned to look at the old woman a little peeved. “Who says it’s my time? Can’t I stay awhile longer? My children will miss me.”

“You children will be fine. It is your time. It was determined before you were even born.”

“That doesn’t seem fair. I want to go back,” I said stubbornly.

“Dear One, if you did go back, you’d be upsetting the balance. Your death will be mourned, and your children will miss you, but if you were to stay, you would be infringing on their destinies.”

The Death laid one of her hands upon my shoulders and images flashed through my mind. I saw the lives of my daughter and son, and I saw how my death effected them. It was sad, and yet, beautiful at the same time. I could see what Death meant by my death inspiring them each to find greatness.

Great sobs rippled through my chest. I had given them everything I could while I was alive. I had done the best I could by them, and myself, and it was enough. My children would take those memories and lessons taught, and make themselves great because of it. My death would give them the power they needed to rise into their best lives. Something that would not have been possible if I had lived.

My heart nearly burst with pride and love. I was so thankful to have that precious time with them. And now it was time to begin the next story. Perhaps in time, my children, after they had lived their best lives, would join me there.

I then turned to follow the old woman, not knowing where I’d go next, but appreciating the beautiful life I had lived and the chance to move on to the next adventure.

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