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Presenting A Self-Care Yoga Workshop

So I decided to take a huge leap of faith this past August and start a 300 HR yoga teacher certificate training. This was a big deal for me, because this was not a self pace class like the pervious 200 HR yoga instructor certificate I finished up this past April. This was a modulated class that required a lot of my time and effort to complete lectures and assignments on a pretty strict schedule. But I powered through and finally finished up my last required assignment this past week, which was to create a two hour yoga workshop.

I chose a theme of self-care, since that has been a big priority for me, especially this year. 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us in our own ways, and what really helped me was coming back to myself and paying attention to me and how I felt. So I decided this was the perfect idea for my final project.

I did this workshop in four parts. These parts can all be watched and completed in one sitting, or one (or a few) at a time. Each part can stand alone, so if you resonate with one video and not the others, that’s okay. Here is the breakdown of each video.

Part 1: Creating Space With Breath… This 30 minute segment is using breath work (pranayama) to slow things down and create space inside of us for more breath and more peace. When we take our focus from the mind, this always helps us create space for something better to come in.

Part 2: Creating Stillness With Mediation… This 30 minute segment that uses mediation to help find stillness within. This practice helps us be more aware of our bodies and our mental chatter. It can be used to turn the focus away from the mental chatter to find the silence (and answers) that lie within all of us.

Part 3: Creating Stability With Yoga… This is a 28 minute (not quite 30 minutes… lol) asana practice designed to help to ground, center, and bring stability. These poses are grounding and gentle. It can be completed as a short practice, or combined with part 4 for a longer practice (just skip the cool down at the end of this video, which starts around the 21 minute mark).

Part 4: Creating Confidence With Yoga… This 30 minute video asana practice is created to help build upon a solid foundation to help us rise up with more confidence. Many of these are standing and balancing poses. This video can be completed as a short practice or combined with part 3.

So pick one, a few, or them all to do! Isn’t having choices great!

And now that my teacher training is done (because as far as I know 500 HR is as far as I can go without specializing), the question is what next? I honestly don’t know. I love yoga. I have loved learning more about it. I even like the idea of teaching it to some degree. But to be honest, I didn’t get my certificates to be a teacher. I did it, because I wanted to learn more about myself (and yoga). And I did. A whole heck of a lot, which has been a really good thing.

I do like creating yoga videos. So I think my very next step is to start putting together yoga programs as a pre-recored library, and offer them at a flat rate. So keep an eye out for some of these coming in the new year. I’m really excited about the ideas I’ve been coming up with so far!

If you do decide to try out any of these self-care videos, please feel free to leave a comment here or on You Tube about your experience. Enjoy!

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