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A Christmas Card To You

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I love receiving Christmas cards in the mail. We even have a doorway we hang them all up so we can see them every time we enter the living room. The cards aren’t just lovely thoughts that come in the mail, I use them as a Christmas decoration too.

Sadly, I’m not that great at sending out Christmas cards myself. Last year, I actually sent out a Christmas letter, because we had moved and I wanted to keep everyone up to date about how we were doing, and it just felt right to do. But I really suck at keeping up a tradition that others seem to like to do.

Maybe that’s part of my problem. I never liked to follow the crowd. I always liked doing things my way. And I often buck “traditional” things, especially if it’s expected. Yep, I’m a total rebel. lol…

I struggled with whether to send out cards or a letter this year, and ultimately decided to just stop trying to be like everyone else. I’m just not a send-a-card kind of person. I am a blogger though. And I do love finding fun ways to lift people up and let them know I care about them. So instead, I’m sending Christmas wishes through my blog this year.

The best part is that by posting a Christmas greeting on my blog, I’m not just sending a greeting to a select few, I’m sending it out to everyone. So here you all go, whether I know you personally or not, here is a Christmas card greeting for you.

My Dear Friends (and Family),

May this Holiday season be a wonderful one for you all, and the coming year bring you joy and peace and deep satisfaction. Yes, this year sucked for pretty much everyone, but there were some really great moments too.

There were triumphs and comebacks that made us feel alive and excited. There were moments of happiness and demonstrations of beautiful love. There were brilliant solutions to what might first appeared as “problems”. And there was an overwhelming outpouring of love and compassion from many unexpected sources.

It’s been so encouraging to be a witness to such an uprising of community cooperation and love this year, and I hope it continues as we all move forward into 2021 and beyond. And as we move forward, know that my thoughts and love go with you––all of you, and that whatever comes next, it will be a great adventure.

Thank you for being in this adventure of life with me. Let’s all enjoy the time we have together (either in person or from afar), and bring in the new year with joy for what we have, and what’s still to come.

Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “A Christmas Card To You

  1. Thank you Cynthia and family…. Merry Christmas to you all and wishing you a wonderful New Year…. love and hugs


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