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My Etsy Shop Is Now Open!

I’m so excited! My Etsy shop is finally up! It took a little while to get the files ready and the pictures for the store completed, but it’s all done.

Even though Etsy does suggest ten items to start a shop, I settled for five. That’s what I all I could do for now, but I am working on more content. In fact, any guided journal I make for paperback for Amazon will also be made as a printable for Etsy.

So for now, I am only offering printables on Etsy. I will be offering digital journals at some point in 2021, but I really haven’t had much experience with digital journaling. I guess I’m a bit old school and really like having that physical book to write in. But I look forward to starting my digital journal journey and see where it might lead.

Right now I have the following Printables available on Etsy…

I Feel Peaceful Because…

I Feel Appreciation For…

In This Moment, I Feel…

I Feel Joyful Doing…

The Daily Self Care Journal

Each printable journal is offered in two sizes, Letter and A5, and in color and grayscale for each size, which is a total of 4 downloadable PDF files.

I really love the idea of doing printables because you can print what you want when you want. You can also mixed up the writing prompts if you want as well. There’s also the added bonus of being able to print off on different types of paper.

So if you like getting creative with your journals or just want to try some of journal writing prompts without committing to buying a paperback, then this is the way to go!

Look for more offerings in my Etsy shop coming soon!

And just a note: I just added a Guided Journal Page to this blog so it will be easier to find out about what journals are available and in what format.

7 thoughts on “My Etsy Shop Is Now Open!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement. I’m really excited about the Etsy shop, and being able to offer my journals in new ways. It’s been a fun learning experience too, figuring out how to open shop like that.


      1. My pleasure! There’s definitely a lot to learn when it comes to running an Etsy shop. And it’s always evolving! I have kind of gotten a handle on selling women’s jewelry, but now I’m adding a men’s collection and I feel like I’m back at the beginning of the learning curve. Like you said though, it’s a lot of fun to figure it out.


      2. Wow! You have some beautiful designs. Would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog? You can contact me my contact page if you are interested. I’m starting up a new blog series about sharing other people’s journeys and I would love to share yours and talk about your awesome work!


      3. Sure, Cynthia. I would love to do a guest post. It wouldn’t let me go to your contact page, so hopefully you will get the message here. Just let me know when you would like to receive the post.


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