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Series Review: Star Scavenger By G J Ogden

A few months ago, I decided to take the plunge and get Kindle Unlimited for awhile. Up to this point, I’ve been buying all the books I’ve read to help support authors, but I also realized this was limiting me on how many books I could read, and I wanted to really step up my reading so I could dive into whole series and still stay on a budget. Once I signed up for Kindle Unlimited, I found I had an abundance of stories (and series) at my finger tips. I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

One of the first series I started reading with my new membership was Star Scavenger by G.J. Ogden. This series got my attention because I was looking for something science fiction with space travel. The best part is that it was a completed series (it sucks having to wait on books!) of five books, so I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed.

The five books in this series are Guardian Outcast, Orion Rises, Goliath Emerges, Union’s End, The Last Revocator (and yes, as of writing this post, all of them are available on Kindle Unlimited).

Guardian Outcast starts the story out with a middle-aged spaceship pilot Hudson Powell whose looking for a purpose to believe in. He thinks that’s signing up with the RGF, a force that polices the mysterious alien ships wrecks that are left abandoned throughout the galaxy, but he quickly realizes he’s just joined the biggest corrupt organization in human civilization. What does he do when he finds himself in a morale and life threatening situation?

The story continues through his falling out with RGF and his discovery of a highly sought after alien artifact that makes him the target of just about… well, everyone. As he tries to dodge his ever growing list of enemies, Hudson discovers several good friends and makes some very bad enemies. And to add to his constant fight and flight, he realizes he’s become a central player in a devastating alien force determined to wipe out all humanity.

All in all, this was a really great series. I will say though, that it didn’t really pick up and get good until the second book. While book one was decent, it wasn’t written as well as I thought it could be, but I’m glad I stuck it out, because book two and beyond was worth the read.

This series is great if you are looking for a space adventure that has a hint of the Indian Jones spirit. Buckle up for lots of mystery and action for this five book read.

I give this series a 4 out of 5 stars.

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    1. That’s good to know. I wasn’t sure how KU stacked up against non-KU ebook sales. One things for sure, I’ve doubled, even tripled the number of books I’ve read in the last few months, so my KU membership has been a win all around!


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