Writing, a Never Ending Journey of Exploration and Learning

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” — E.L. Doctorow

If someone told me as I first started writing about nine years ago that my writing would be a never ending journey, I’m not sure I would have set out on that particular path. Granted, most people start writing for a reason, which usually includes the buzzing of character voices and ideas that won’t shut up. That was my case, and even with that warning I probably wouldn’t have had a choice in the matter. I find writing to be the only way to get the voices to shut the hell up (yeah, that makes me sound pretty certifiable huh?). But it’s the idea of the never ending that might make most people bulk, though I have learned since then that never ending can be a good thing.

When I started writing, I didn’t even know how to put a decent sentence together. Of course back then, I thought I could do at least that much, but I was young, delusional, and a little stupid. I don’t even dare look back at my writing from the very beginning because I’d cringe way too much. It was embarrassing. Really it was.

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Johnathan Maberry’s Workshop

Yesterday I had the distinct privilege of meeting horror and thriller writer Jonathan Maberry. Two of my writing friends and I took a trip to Baltimore to attend a workshop he did at the Baltimore Science Fiction Society. The topic up for discussion was the full process of the story. For four hours a room full of writers were able to listen to his experience and pick his brain for information. 

We discussed the 3 act structure in detail, character development, character motivation, action scenes, researching, and how to promote yourself as a writer. I found some of the information already supported information I knew, but there was also a lot I did not know. I found Johnathan to be very engaging speaker. I would highly suggest all writers to take one of his workshop, if for no other reason, than to be entertained by his wonderful personal stories and how dedicated he is to his work. It’s truly inspirational!
Also, if you are ever in the Baltimore area, check out the Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s digs. They have their own place to call home that includes a public lending library of books, manga, Asimov’s books, and much more!