The Writer’s Toolbox

This is a page where I compiled all my writing posts from over the years to one easy to find place. This page is divided into 6 sections, A Writer’s Life, Writer’s Block, Boosting Creativity, How to Write, Editing, and Other Writing Stuff. Some of the sections are further broken down into subcategories.

One thing I have learned as a writer is that to be truly successful, I need supports or tools to help get the job done––that goes for all of us. I hope you consider this page part of your own toolbox––the writer’s toolbox––as you continue on your amazing writing journey.

I will continue to add to this page as I write more posts on the craft on writing. So keep checking back!


Beginning Writer: What You Should Know

Everything Else Comes First, Before I Write

To Be a Good Writer Means to Be a Good Thinker

Writing, a Never Ending Journey of Exploration and Learning

Finding Your Writing Style and Voice

Writing Groups: Not For All Writers All of the Time

5 Ways to Find Time to Write

The Magic of Reading

The Journey of a Creative Life

Novel Writing

Should I Write a Short Story or a Novel?

How Many Many Drafts Does it Take to Finish a Novel?


Publication: Why the Rush?


Journaling series Part 1: Why is Journaling Important?

Journaling series Part 2: What is Journaling?

Journaling series Part 1: How to Stick to Journaling?


The Missing Muse Part 1: Where Did the Magic Go?

The Missing Muse Part 2: Rediscovering the Magic

Writing Procrastination and What to Do About It


Want to Be More Creative? Bring Out the Inner Child

The Amazing Benefits of Free Writing

More on Focused Free Writing

Creating Opportunities to Be More Creative


Writing Prompts/Exercises

The Benefit of Writing Prompts

Writing Exercise: Blue Moon

Writing Exercise: The Peacock’s Friend


Building Good Characters

A Study of Character: At the Park

A Study of Character: At the Mall

World Building

What is World Building

The Seven Deadly Sins of World Building

Writing Fight Scenes

Fight Scenes Part 1: An Introduction

Fight Scenes Part 2: Physical Difference

Fight Scenes Part 3: Hand to Hand Combat

Fight Scenes Part 4: Weapons

Fight Scenes Part 5: Psychological Warfare

Good Description

Description Part 1: Elements of Good Description

Description Part 2: 6 Pitfalls of Description

Description Part 3: The Secret to Good Description

Word Choice

Common Words to Avoid in Writing

Common Phrases Used By Authors

The LY Rule

Point of View

What is Deep Third or Deep POV?

The Difficulty of Writing From Multiple POVs

Plot/Story Structure

Understanding the Foundations of Plot

5 Ways to Untangle Plot

The Three Acts of a Story

A Breakdown of Plot Diagrams

Plotting Your Novel By Writing From the Middle

Adding More Depth and/or Emotion

Putting More Emotion Into Your Writing

Evoke Strong Emotion With Memories

Using Body Language to Tell Your Story

Writing About the Things We Fear


Some Things to Keep in Mind When Self-Editing

The Dreaded “It”


Writing Filters

Writing Filters to Use: The Big Picture Filters Part 1

Writing Filters to Use: The Big Picture Filters Part 2

Writing Filters to Use: The Big Picture Filters Part 3

Writing Filters to Use: The Finer Detail Filters


Stages of Writing: Freestyle vs. Rewriting Vs. Editing

The Truth About Flashbacks

My NOT Marketing Plan

Novel Submissions

Novel Submission Part 1: The Query Package

Novel Submission Part 2: Writing and Effective Cover Letter

Novel Submission Part 3: Creating Multiple Synopses

Software Recommendations

Evernote: A Great Way to Keep Track of Notes and Information