Busting Through Writer’s Block

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About Course

Are you struggling with writer’s block? Or are you having a hard time motivating yourself to write? Did you know a lack of motivation to write is a form of writer’s block? Don’t keep being stalled in your writing. Learn more about what’s blocking you, so you can get back to being the awesome writer that you are!


In this 12-lesson-course called Busting Through Writer’s Block, I will be talking about the many ways a person can block themselves from writing and some ways to overcome them.

The first seven lessons are dedicated to understanding possible blocks. The titles of these lessons are What is Writer’s Block, You Deserve This, Write About What Excites You, Are You Over Thinking It, Skills Practice, Workshops, and Networking, The Five Stages of Writing, and Distractions From Writing.

The last five lessons will talk about some tools that can be used to help move through writer’s block or to keep it from happening. These lesson titles are Using Writing Prompts to Get You Started, The Benefits of Free Writing, Doing Things to Boost Your Creativity, Play, Have Fun, Experiment, and Using Visualization to Get You Writing.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn about different types of writer's block and how to work through them.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons

Busting Through Writer’s Block

Lesson 1: What is Writer’s Block?
Lesson 2: You Deserve This!
Lesson 3: Write About What Excites You
Lesson 4: Are You Over Thinking It?
Lesson 5: Skills Practice, Workshops, and Networking
Lesson 6: The Five Stages of Writing
Lesson 7: Distractions From Writing
Lesson 8: Using Writing Prompts to Get You Started
Lesson 9: The Benefits of Free Writing
Lesson 10: Doing Things to Boost Your Creativity
Lesson 11: Play, Have Fun, Experiment
Lesson 12: Using Visualization to Get You Writing
End Notes: Writer’s Block Checklist

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