Journaling Your Way To Success

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About Course

Journaling itself is a very creative process. Not only can you journal in many ways, but the process of journaling allows you to experiment and play with ideas. What better place to test out some outside-of-the-box thinking than on paper? In doing this, you bolster your courage and knowledge so you can more confidently step into choices that will change your life. Choices you know are right for you despite what others might think or do.


In Journaling Your Way to Success, you can take the powerful tool of journaling to help create a new and better you. This is a great way to jump start your personal journey in discovering the clarity needed to bring more success and happiness to your life.

This is a dedicated 21-day course, to give you the boost you need to take steps toward your success. Lessons include topics such as Why is Journaling Important, What is Success, Cultivating Awareness Through Journaling, A Daily Routine That Works For You, Using Journaling to Retain the Mind, and more.

What Will I Learn?

  • You learn how to be a more successful you!

Topics for this course

22 Lessons

Journaling Your Way To Success

Lesson 1: What is Journaling
Lesson 2: Why Is Journaling Important?
Lesson 3: Reflective Writing
Lesson 4: Cultivating Awareness Through Journaling
Lesson 5: What is Success?
Lesson 6: An Expansion of Self
Lesson 7: A Time to Play
Lesson 8: A Daily Routine That Works For You
Lesson 9: Why Is Self-Care So Vital For A Successful Life?
Lesson 10: A Safe Place To Be You
Lesson 11: A Deeper Healing Through Letter Writing
Lesson 12: A Change In Perspective
Lesson 13: Distractions From Journaling
Lesson 14: Using Free Writing to Boost Creativity
Lesson 15: What is Intuitive Writing?
Lesson 16: Using Writing Prompts to Get You Started
Lesson 17: Journaling As A Learning Tool
Lesson 18: Using Journaling to Retrain the Mind
Lesson 19: Being More Grateful
Lesson 20: Visualizing The Future
Lesson 21: It’s a Journey

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  • You will need a journal to write in at the end of each lesson.

Target Audience

  • This course is for anyone looking to make a better life for themselves.