Editing and Publishing Services

I have been editing in one fashion or another for over ten years. I have grown to have a passion for helping authors make their work the best it can be, and I look forward to working with you too!

My editing experience includes running a critique group for two years, being a slush reader for Apex Magazine for three years, being an associate publisher for Psych Central for four years, as well as helping many writers edit and publish their works.

My favorite part of editing is being able to collaborate with a writer to help flesh out their content. My editing strength lies in story development and story structure for fiction, and content relevance and organization for non-fiction. I am also proficient in doing line edits.

My skills don’t just stop at editing. I have the knowledge of how to put together books throughout the entire publishing process. I can format books for printing and/or ebook. I can also design book covers, including spine and back cover.

If you are interested in trying out my editing skills, or finding out more about how I can help you publish your book, please feel free to contact me.

Here a is a list of just a few of the books I have worked on…

Weight of Chains by Lesley Conner (worked on developmental editing and proofreading.)

Misfit Mage by Michael Taggart (worked on interior formatting for print book and adding back cover and spine)

Melee Mage by Michael Taggart (worked on full edit for book, interior formatting for print, and adding back cover and spine)

Apple Bites: An Anthology (story submitted to anthology, worked on editing for other stories, and did cover design)

Saving Taylor by Avery Dawes (complete story edit and cover design)

Fall Break Fright by Avery Dawes (complete story edit and cover design)

You can also check out my own work at Cynthia D. Griffin (my Amazon author page), in which I did all the cover design and interior work myself.