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Caught in a deadly conspiracy to forge the next Emperor of the Ethian Galaxy, an ancient rite demands blood… After twenty-two years being held captive on an Outlander world, the long lost Prince Adar Zahn is finally brought back to his true home, but without any memory of his past. As he searches for the answers about himself and what is expected as the Emperor’s sixth son, Adar discovers how difficult trust is to find and that the truth can be worse than a lie. On his journey of discovery, he is left with questions about himself, a growing foreboding about his family, and a rising urgency to discover more about a vaguely mentioned Blood Feud. Can he unravel the mystery that surrounds him before it’s too late?

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Journaling has been a tremendous help to me as I have navigated through some very rough patches in life. It even allowed me to reach a place where I felt compelled to share my journey, to speak my truth. In doing this perhaps others too will be inspired to speak their truth , because I believe that this is all our life’s purpose–to find our unique way to speak up, speak out, and speak the deepest truth that resides inside.This book is just the beginning of my journey and truth, but I welcome you to come discover what gave me the wings to finally fly.

Can be purchased as a paperback on Amazon.