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A Christmas Card To You

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I love receiving Christmas cards in the mail. We even have a doorway we hang them all up so we can see them every time we enter the living room. The cards aren’t just lovely thoughts that come in the mail, I use them as a Christmas decoration too.

Sadly, I’m not that great at sending out Christmas cards myself. Last year, I actually sent out a Christmas letter, because we had moved and I wanted to keep everyone up to date about how we were doing, and it just felt right to do. But I really suck at keeping up a tradition that others seem to like to do.

Maybe that’s part of my problem. I never liked to follow the crowd. I always liked doing things my way. And I often buck “traditional” things, especially if it’s expected. Yep, I’m a total rebel. lol…

I struggled with whether to send out cards or a letter this year, and ultimately decided to just stop trying to be like everyone else. I’m just not a send-a-card kind of person. I am a blogger though. And I do love finding fun ways to lift people up and let them know I care about them. So instead, I’m sending Christmas wishes through my blog this year.

The best part is that by posting a Christmas greeting on my blog, I’m not just sending a greeting to a select few, I’m sending it out to everyone. So here you all go, whether I know you personally or not, here is a Christmas card greeting for you.

My Dear Friends (and Family),

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