Story Consultation Referral Program

I’ve had clients ask if I did a referral program, so here it is! Starting today and for the foreseeable future, I will be offering 3,000 words of free consultation for anyone who refers a writer to me for consultation AND the person being referred. So that’s 3,000 for you and 3,000 for your referred friend. And there is no limit to how many people that can be referred. If you have three referrals, then that’s 9,000 free words for you!

Anyone can refer. You don’t have to be an old or current client. It can be your first time! If it is the first time, I will look at 3,000 words for free (up front for new clients to give a preview of what I can do) and then you can decide who and how many you want to refer. If you send more than one my way, then that’s more free words I can do for you.

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