Cynthia “Dawn” Griffin is self-employed, working on all manner of fun stuff from writing, editing, and even likes to design a book cover every now and again. She lives in Maryland with her husband and son. Some of her hobbies include: photography, graphic design, reading, movies, yoga, and spending time lounging on her front porch drinking wine. She also has a weakness for all things chocolate. Cynthia loves writing speculative fiction, science fiction, and non-fiction. She is currently working on a science fiction fantasy novel series, and sometimes even finds time to do a short story or two.




Speak Your Truth

She also has been doing regular inspirational posts on a blog series called Speak Your Truth. It is a forum where she can speak up about things and ideas that are important to her. This forum is open to guests as well to speak about their truths. The idea behind this series is to help expand knowledge and understanding as we open to listening to our own truth as well as others.



Endless Journeys Publications

Her latest venture is beginning a publishing business with the dream in mind that every book deserves to be finished and published. Her main focus, for now, is publishing her own works, but intends to eventually open up this opportunity to help all who wish to refine their works and publish them.


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