Endless Journeys Publications

Endless Journeys Publications was started with the dream in mind that every good book deserves to be finished and published. While my main focus will be publishing my own books, I want to also help others see their dreams come true as well. I began that by helping my 11 year-old son go through the editing and publishing process of his first book. Eventually, I aim to branch out and help others (of all ages) to complete and refine their beautiful works, and become published too.


Bella is having a dream about being the superhero Speed Dog, when she is suddenly awaken by her Pack. They are acting super strange, and little does Bella know she is about to take a real life adventure of her own!

Caleb Griffin has always loved creating superhero costumes, reading books, and using his superpower of imagination for the greater good. He currently lives in Florida with his mom, dad, and spoiled rotten dog. You can find out more about Caleb and Bella on Twitter @BellasAdventur1.

You can purchase your copy of Bella’s Adventures The Big Move on Amazon!




Journaling has been a tremendous help to me as I have navigated through some very rough patches in life. It even allowed me to reach a place where I felt compelled to share my journey, to speak my truth. In doing this perhaps others too will be inspired to speak their truth , because I believe that this is all our life’s purpose–to find our unique way to speak up, speak out, and speak the deepest truth that resides inside.This book is just the beginning of my journey and truth, but I welcome you to come discover what gave me the wings to finally fly.

Can be purchased as a paperback on Amazon.