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Book Series Review: Chronicles of an Urban Druid By Auburn Tempest and Michael Anderle

I started this series almost two weeks ago, and I’m still not done, but I loved it so much, I decided to go ahead and do a review. Yep, it’s that good.

I was looking for a series on Kindle Unlimited that had a strong female lead, magic, and lots of adventure in it. This series hasn’t disappointed on those expectations. It also had plenty of other unexpected (fun) surprises too.

Chronicles of an Urban Druid starts out with a young woman living in Toronto who is from a large family of cops, but is disappointed because she doesn’t seem to really fit in that life. She’s a big supporter of her father and brothers, but being a cop really isn’t for her. Little does she know that a mugging in the back alley of the pub she works at will lead Fiona to her Irish heritage and Druid one as well.

Thrown into a whole new life, Fiona finds herself with a lot of catching up to do, but she’s excited for the task of learning to become a Druid and especially excited to find her true calling. The only thing is it comes with a lot of dangerous new enemies that stalks her, kidnaps her, and gives her quite a few near death experiences.

As Fiona learns to handle the new responsibilities and challenges of becoming an urban Druid, she also finds new friends and love that fills her life and heart. She’s excited by the magic that she’s now allowing herself to see and be apart of as she welcomes fae creatures to live in her backyard and becomes the mother of twenty-three rambunctious dragons.

I greatly appreciate this story and world that Tempest and Anderle have built. The adventure, the fantastic world building, and the amazing character development. The best part is the coming together of a wide range of characters to make a super entertaining story to read with a lot of wit, fun, and beautiful close connections.

As of this post, there are currently 14 books released with number 15 being released April 11th, A Danger Destroyed. The book titles are as follows…

A Gilded Cage, A Sacred Grove, A Family Oath, A Witch’s Revenge, A Broken Vow, A Druid Hex, An Immortal’s Pain, A Shaman’s Power, A Fated Bond, A Dragon’s Dare, A God’s Mistake, A Destiny Unlocked, A United Front, A Culling Tide, and A Danger Destroyed.

I recently just finished A Shaman’s Power, and am very much looking forward to continuing the story.

A Personal Note and a Little Bit of a Spoiler

Part of why this series has been such a great read is that there’s a lot of love and closeness in this book as Fiona and her family come to together to face all the new challenges they are facing. One of those challenges was the loss of Fiona’s brother. As I recently lost my husband, this particular storyline really spoke to me, especially in the way the authors are handling it. They don’t just gloss over the loss. It’s something that is revisited in all the books and you can see the gradual healing process that Fiona and her family are going through.

The loss of someone close is a very hard thing to get over, especially when someone is a core part of your life for over twenty years. It’s not just about mourning a loss, but also figuring out how to live without that person in your life. This series does a beautiful job of what that can look like, and I for one, really appreciate that these two people took the time to weave it into their story.

It’s also a reminder to me about the power of writing. Sometimes it’s a really good thing to write about the hard stuff, because you don’t know who out there in the audience is listening (reading). Maybe they too need what you are writing about. So I want to give Auburn Tempest and Michael Anderle a big thank you for such a wonderful colorful story and not being afraid to write about the hard stuff.

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