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The Benefit of Writing Prompts

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Have you ever sat down to write and just didn’t feel the creative juices flowing? Some days can be harder than others to get the muse to do its job. Sometimes it is helpful to have something to visualize and then write about it. This visualization can be take the form of a photograph. Find an image that inspires you to write and just write for 10 to 15 minutes on that photograph. Let your mind roam free as it comes up with a story explaining that picture and what is happening in it. It doesn’t have to be anything grand or elaborate. Just let your imagination run free. You might be surprised where your creativity might take you.

Another writing prompt you can try is by taking an ordinary object around the house like a blender, television, spoon, an apple, a lamp, ect. Then write from that objects point of view. What would a blender say if it could talk? You can also choose an animal: fish, squirrel, spider, ant, bear, ect. Write from that animals point of view. What would a squirrel say if he found a mouse in his nest?

Often when we look at something from another point of view or simply step out of our box of comfort, we can inspire ourselves to see things we never saw before. Using writing prompts not only helps get you into the writing mood, but it can help change your whole way of thinking.

Next time you sit down to write just remember that only a few minutes of free writing can open up the flood gates of creative genius, so that short story or novel you’ve been working on can be tackled with new vigor. In 10 minutes, what kind of story would you come up with to explain the picture above?

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