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Book Review: The Lost Level by Brain Keene

The Lost Level by Brain Keene is available on Kindle and Paperback.
the lost levelAaron Pace is stuck in time and space in a place called the Lost Level. Anything can happen in this bizarre place where the sun never sets and the local vegetation can attack at a moments notice. A place where a battling robot and a Tyrannosaurus Rex can actually happen, and Nazi spaceships can be stumbled upon during a walk in a grassy field. And where strange snake men with human flesh to adorn their scaly hides are a nemesis to any wayward traveler.

If you like high adventure and the bizarre the Lost Level is for you. It’s a journey I took with relish and I am excited to continue the adventure in the next book. I can only wonder what Brain Keene will come up with next!

There were two things I wasn’t thrilled about with this book. One, I thought he repeated too much, mostly concerning the passing of time in the Lost Level. I think he mentioned how the passage of time was different from our world and how it was perceived by those in the Lost Level at least every chapter. A few times twice a chapter, and this repetition pulled me away from the story.

And two, while I truly enjoyed the sheer bizarreness of this story and all the interesting things Aaron Pace and his fellow travelers stumbled upon, I found by the end of the book I was a little weary from all the big brashness of the story elements and the extraordinary actions of Aaron Pace his traveling companions.

That said I did love this story to pieces and can’t wait to see what happens next in the Lost Level. It’s an adventure worth reading and certainly a story I won’t soon forget.

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