Novel Submission: The Query Package

Untitled-2After many years, my novel is finally done, now comes the hardest part yet… it’s time to submit it. I have to admit, I’d rather write another entire novel from scratch then do what comes next, but paraphrasing Theodore Roosevelt, “anything worthwhile never comes easy.”

This summer I’ve been taking the first steps in getting my novel ready for submission by writing a kicks cover letter (or sometimes called a query letter) and a handful of synopses (because it’s not good enough to have just one synopsis, but that’s another post!).

The first step I took in writing the cover letter and synopsis was to do research and see how the professionals were doing it. And I was also lucky enough to take a workshop about cover letters and synopses from science fiction author Gray A. Braunbeck last September. After a frustrating search, I finally managed to find my notes from his workshop. Yay!

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Book Spotlight: The Write Brain Workbook

Over the Christmas Holidays, as part of my Christmas gift, I purchased a bunch of writing books that I thought I’d find interesting and helpful with my writing. I purchased several on helping in the craft of writing, but I also wanted to make sure I got one dedicated solely to writing exercises, so I ordered the book The Write Brain Workbook: 366 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing  by Bonnie Neubauer

Pic of some of the inside pages

I wasn’t sure how great this book would be, but going by the reviews that it received, I decided to give it a try. Boy, did I hit the jackpot! From the first page and on, this book is jammed packed full of fun ways to get a writer’s creative juices flowing. In fact, there’s a writing exercise for every single day in the 2012 year, so I certainly won’t be lacking in ways to spark new ideas.

Pic of some of the inside pages

I find the best part of the book is that just the simple act of opening the book is like breathing a fresh breathe of air. The pages are colorful, fun and interesting to look at. If that wasn’t enough, the exercises themselves have a funness that is contagious!

More of the inside pages

Most exercises prompt the openings of fun quick short stories that are great for getting the mind warmed up for more serious work. The main purpose of this book is to fire up the creativity so it can do some awesome playing and it certainly delivers.

Update to the Writing Resource Page

I recently updated the Writing Resources page to add the following information. Enjoy!

Writing Motivation
Dr. Wicked Write or Die This website supplies an easy to use program that forces you to write without the inner editor. It forces you to keep typing, because if you stop it erases your words! A great way to learn to free write.

Free Listing For Book Publishers (information from Jane Friedman)
Be aware that most New York publishers do not accept unagented submissions, so sometimes “searching for a publisher” really means “finding an agent” (see next list).

  • For fiction and poetry only. About 3,500 listings total, which includes many types of publications.
  • About 130 listings.
  • Preditors & Editors. Hundreds of listings; been going since 1997. Waves a red flag on publishers to avoid. However, unclear how often the information is updated.
  • About 100 listings, focused on SF/F.
  • Bare-bones list (no submission guidelines), but offers embedded links to publishers’ sites. Useful to preview the landscape.
  • If you subscribe to The Writer magazine, you get 3,000 online market listings for free. Vetted list.
  • Poets & Writers. Hundreds of listings, serving primarily the more literary side of the writing community.

Free Listing of Agents (information from Jane Friedman)

  • About 900 listings.
  • More than 1,200 listings.
  • Preditors & Editors. Hundreds of listings; been going since 1997. Waves a red flag on agents to avoid. However, unclear how often the information is updated.
  • AAR Online. This is the official membership organization for literary agents. Not all agents are member of AAR.
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