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Guest Post By Elfie Riverdell: The Story That Inspired Me To Self-Publish

I find it hard to pinpoint exactly when I realized I wanted to be an author. I remember writing paranormal stories on my old PC when I was at middle school, with (beautiful) covers illustrated on Paint. I wish I still had those stories, as it would be so much fun to go back and revisit old characters. Even still, I’ve always had a very vivid imagination, and I’ve never had any issues with coming up with quirky plots. But The Forest of Fallen Stars was a little different.

When I wrote The Forest Of Fallen Stars, I sort of fell into a writing frenzy. It was summer, and I had a lot of spare time around my work schedule. I would sit in my room for hours and hours, writing and scribbling down ideas. The plot just came to me. I wish there was some way to explain it, because I certainly can’t seem to replicate it! But I think it was the characters that truly made the story come alive for me.

Alura means so much to me, all of the characters do. Alura is shy, and full of self-doubt at the beginning of the book, but we get to see her learn about her gifts, and develop into a strong and confident young woman.

Kara is troubled and angry, but she has a kind heart and is always focused on doing the right thing.

Loria is also quite unsure of herself and the role she plays in her world, but she is strong-willed and determined.

Self-publishing has been a strange and very stressful experience. It’s taken a long time, and a lot of hard work. But I was incredibly lucky to get to work with an amazing friend of mine, Nicoletta, who formatted and designed everything inside my novel. She did an amazing job, and really helped me when I was struggling with the design.

Eslanda was one of my favourite characters to write, which people often find strange as she doesn’t appear until much later in the book. I’m currently working on two connected projects, one of which follows Eslanda directly, which I’m very excited about. Eslanda is hurt and desperate, but lonely and passionate. She’s a very interesting character, and I love her dearly.

Writing the boys was definitely much more difficult, but it was a challenge I really enjoyed, and I learned a lot about writing through Harker especially.

The Forest of Fallen Stars is a book that means an awful lot to me, and writing it was a life changing experience in so many ways. It certainly helped me to find the courage to become a self-published author, because I knew it was a story worth the effort.

Writing has been a source of magic for me, and it’s something I feel incredibly lucky to share with my readers. I am glad for the experience of writing and publishing The Forest Of Fallen Stars, knowing it has been a huge positive boost for myself as a writer.

Elfie Riverdell is a middle grade and young adult fantasy author from the UK. She is currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing, and lives with her family, two dogs and four chickens. Elfie’s debut middle grade novel The Forest of Fallen Stars was published on June 1st 2019.

You can find out more about here at Goodreads, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, or Bookstragram

The Forest of Fallen Stars is a fantasy, young adult book, and can be purchased for Kindle or paperback on Amazon.

Book Blurb: The Forest of Fallen Stars is a story of friendship and magic. We follow Alura, a shy but stubborn sixteen year old, as she tries to navigate a dramatically changing world. Following her village’s tradition, Alura is forced to participate in a ritual that doesn’t turn our quite as she had planned. Finding herself on the run, Alura is rescued by two mysterious girls, who request her help in protecting their village from Eslanda; a young woman seeking revenge for her abandonment. Alura, along with her new friends Kara and Loria, must fight against magic, enemies and nature itself to restore peace to their homes. But are they aware of the sacrifices they must make?

Trigger warning: Mild violence

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