Short Story: Shadow

Here is a flash story I wrote from a writing challenge my critique group took part in a while back. I decided to dust it off and post it. This story was written from the writing prompt…You hear a baby crying, but you know you are alone… I didn’t stick strictly with the prompt as you will see when reading the story, but it got the wheels in my head turning and this is what I ended up with. Enjoy!


By: Cynthia Dawn Griffin

The wail came from everywhere and nowhere at once. The sound jerked me awake from a dead sleep. My blood froze as I looked about my darkened bedroom. The chilling noise came again, and it propelled me into action despite the fear twisting in my gut. I fumbled for the light by the bed, but my trembling hands refused to cooperate with the switch. I stumbled from my bed.

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Writing Exercise: Blue Moon

MC900441149I had a lot of positive feedback from a post I did back in July called Writing Exercise: A Peacock’s Friend, so I decided to do another blog post on writing exercises. This time I want to get a little more specific in why writing exercises are so important, how often to do writing exercises, where to look to do these exercises, and finally I will present an exercise challenge followed up with my own attempt at the exercise.

First, I want to say that I love to write, but it doesn’t come without inspiration and a lot of hard work. Sometimes a writer has to write without inspiration to get the job done, but eventually writers do need to be re-inspired to find that spark of creativity that caused them to write in the first place. A great way to rediscover that spark is through writing exercises.

Every writer is different. Some writers need the jolt of a writing exercise every day before they begin writing. Others just need the help when beginning new projects or to come up with new project ideas. And there are others (like me) who only use writing exercises every once in a blue moon to take a break from regular writing so to relight the candle of creativity inside.

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Writing Exercise Blog Posts and Other Helpful Links

There has been a lot of interest in writing exercises from my blog readers, so I decided to go through my blog archives and create links to all the posts I’ve done on writing exercises, writing prompts, and writing inspiration. Also check back on August 19th. I have a brand new writing exercise post scheduled called Writing Exercise: Blue Moon.

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