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Blood Feud Release: It’s Official!

Here it is available for purchase, Blood Feud the first book in the Emperors of Ethia! Can’t believe the day is finally here. If you are a science fiction lover, check out the beginning of this epic series that dives into a galaxy ruled by an authoritarian Emperor who’s determined to settle once and for all the successor of his throne, and a son determine to find out more about his true role in the Empire.

Caught in a deadly conspiracy to forge the next Emperor of the Ethian Galaxy, an ancient rite demands blood…

After twenty-two years being held captive on an Outlander world, the long lost Prince Adar Zahn is finally brought back to his true home, but without any memory of his past. As he searches for the answers about himself and what is expected as the Emperor’s sixth son, Adar discovers how difficult trust is to find and that the truth can be worse than a lie.

On his journey of discovery, he is left with questions about himself, a growing foreboding about his family, and a rising urgency to discover more about a vaguely mentioned Blood Feud. Can he unravel the mystery that surrounds him before it’s too late?

This book is a total of 390 pages long. It is solidly in the science fiction genre, though more of a soft science fiction. Get ready for a thrilling journey as the book dives deep into the Ethian Empire and it’s complex culture and life enhancing technology of the Remakers.

This book is currently available in paperback and will be available in ebook form in a few months. Please consider reviewing on Amazon and Goodreads after reading it! I also did an author interview with Denise Wyant on her site if you want to know a little more about the book, my writing plans, and me personally!

Cynthia D. Griffin is passionate about learning. Her favorite way of doing that is through reading and writing. While science fiction is her genre of choice, she enjoys any writing with captivating plot and deep characters, as well as intriguing non-fiction. She is currently writing a science fiction novel series, but also has several speculative fiction and non-fiction works planned. She resides in Florida with her husband, son, and spoiled-rotten dog. You can find out more about her at or come chat with her at @Awesome_Dawn.


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